Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Forbidden Fruit

Planning that perfect Valentine's Day for your Love? 
Don't forget the fragrance of Love! 
 That forbidden fruit  that helps set the mood for romance!

Passion Fruit Fragrance Oil


Exotic, luscious fruit scent mingled with champagne fills your home with juicy goodness.
 4.5 fl. oz. fragrance oil with funnel cap and reeds. 
Fragrance lasts 60-90 days.

Perfect to use with yesterday's 
Scents of Ambiance™ - Love Birds.

Can also be used in your favorite reed diffuser container
 or even just as it is.
No need to flip your reeds with this oil! 
Reeds absorb the oil and fragrance delivering the gentle scent throughout your room.  
When oil is completely absorbed, place the reeds under your car seat for a beautiful lingering scent. 

Price:  $20.00 each  
$8.00 each

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