Sunday, August 11, 2013

Back to school, sports, scouts, dance, extracirrcular activities, ect.......

The kiddos are going back to school and with that comes Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Band, Choir, school trips and many other things to keep us busy! Sadly many of these amazing opportunities come at a cost not easily funded. That is why I would love to share with you an AWESOME fundraiser that gives back so much!!

50% of ALL sales, with tax exempt form or 50% less state tax!

Not only can organizations or teams have fundraisers, you can hold one personally for ANY reason that you can think of!!  I held one to help offset the cost of my daughter's school trip to Europe.  I also held one to help a family I knew that was in dire financial need.  Family, Friends, neighbors, co-workers don't mind so much helping when they are getting something back in return.  Let's face it, everyone loves and needs candles <3  

This is the easiest, most profitable fundraiser you can have.  No sorting by you.  All orders get shipped directly to the buyer.  I will send you all brochures and order forms.  You simply hand out the order forms, collect them at the end of the sale with all monies.  Send order forms and 50% of sales (+ sales tax if applicable) to me and you are done!!  

Did I mention that you don't have to wait for your profits??  You have them and you keep them. 

Fundraising Brochure    

Just click on the picture above to see more details and the sale brochure.  When you decide the dates you want to hold your fundraiser, and I know you will, contact me at 

and I will set it all up for you.

Illuminating your life,
Jude Kelly <3