Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Candle Allergies!! I have the answer and it is NOT the unscented ones :)

 How many of you cannot burn candles in your home because your significant other is allergic. Well if they are anything like my ex-husband that allergy was convenient when he didn't like the scent I was burning.  He, however, was allergy free when burning his incense.  LOL  Well some allergies are very real.  But you miss the ambiance of candlelight.  You miss the aroma that only a candle can provide.  I may have an answer.

  Most people who have allergies are allergic to the types of scents.  Usually florals, woodsy, fresh and clean.  These scents have essential oils from flowers, trees and/or even grass.  I have a possible solution for you.  Fruit and Food scents.  Is your allergy ridden loved one allergic to the scent of you cooking dinner?  Are they allergic to the scent of a fresh ripe orange being peeled?  Usually not.  

 Be careful though when purchasing these fruit/food scented candles.  Some have floral undertones.  For example our Mulberry.  Sounds harmless, a gentle scent of a delicious fruit.  Here is the description of this scent, " aroma of sweet mulberries tumbled with a delicate infusion of citrus and florals ".  That floral undertone can lead to a world of itching, sneezing and watery eyes. If you know what scents comprise your candle, you may be able to offset allergies before they become a problem.  

Tomato and Basil
Tomato & Basil, the aroma of fresh-picked tomatoes with a burst of aromatic herbs.  

Price:  $10.00/dozen  $3.00/dozen                                   Price:  $20.00 each  $5.50 each

Enjoy the aroma and ambiance of burning candles in your home once again. 


  1. My son has a hard time with strong fragrances, and I love them! I've never heard of tomato and basil!

    1. this is a time when I really wish I had 'smell-a-vision' as you will. I would love for you to smell the light, sweet fragrance of the tomato and basil candles.

      I hope that my tips help you to enjoy the aroma of candles without hurting your son.