Thursday, January 31, 2013

Do you meditate? Are you a Yoga enthusiast?

Then you will LOVE 

Zen Tealight Holder


Graceful, meditative figure presents candlelight in a modern surround of white glazed stoneware.  
Can also be used as an incense holder for sticks or cones.
Price:  $38.00 each  
$12.00 each

Natural Rituals Aromatherapy 
Japanese Incense Gift Set 


Made in Japan using century old incense making techniques.  
Set includes 60 sticks, 
15 of each Natural Ritual fragrance:
 Calm, Refresh, Meditate and Energize.  
Each sticks lasts for about 25 minutes.  
With leaf shaped porcelain incense holder and giftable box. 
Price:  $30.00/set  

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  1. I would love to take more time to meditate but lack the time all week. Love that figurine, though!

  2. love your blog. New follower. Please feel free to follow back.