Thursday, August 2, 2012

Hug your candle

Do your candles well in the middle??

After your burn your candles, do they look a mess?

How do you keep your candles looking like new between burns?

Show your candles some love!
Hug them after you extinguish them!!

Please extinguish candle before hugging your candle!!!!!!!

Once extinguished, let your wax cool slightly.  
Wrap your hands around your pillar candle, as shown above, and gently squeeze your candle back into shape. 
 Since you followed my last tip and only burned your candle 1 hour for each inch in diameter, while you are hugging your candle, the soften wax in the middle will raise up to be the same as the height as the edges, or very close to it.  
At this point you can smooth the edges with your thumb to make the top of your candle smooth and even.  
Your candle is now ready for the next burning.  

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