Sunday, August 26, 2012

Need a Easy 50% Profit Fundraiser??

It is fundraising season once again!!  

Tired of the same old candies, cookies, pizza that make you little profit/item? Not to mention the confusion of page after page of items being sold!
Tired of sorting, counting and distributing items to the sellers? 

How about trying this:

Buyers simply make the following decisions

1) choose product

24-Pack Tealights - $20  --  12 Votives with holder - $20  --  Jar Candle Pair - $20

2) choose fragrance

That's it!

Now all your organization has to do is collect order forms and money from sellers.
Send all order forms and 50% of money to me.  
Deposit your 50% into your banking account.
YOU ARE DONE!  Enjoy your profits!!

I will order the items for you and they will be sent right to each seller.

Have you ever held such an easy fundraiser???  For such a high profit?????  Well today is the day!  

50% profit is for non-profit organizations with tax-id form.  All other organizations earn 50% less state tax rate.  

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