Sunday, December 22, 2013

auction vs. buy it now

When you are shopping on eBay which do you prefer,
 auction or buy it now??

I personally like auction.  I like it when I 'win' an item.  It is exciting!!  The down side to auction though it overbidding.  It is so easy to get carried away with that 'I want to win' attitude.  I now will put in my max bid and walk away.  If I win, I win - If I don't win, well that is all good too.

Sometimes, however, buy it now is my option of choice.  Depends on how quickly I need the item.  Instant gratification is what I desire.  If the buy it now price falls into my max bid, then why not right!!

Right now I have 10 headbands listed on eBay.  All of them are auction with buy it now option (best of both worlds).  I never go longer then a 3 day auction, keeping that anticipation from going overboard.  I add new items often, so you may like to 'follow' me and keep up to date on what I am offering. 

Here are links to my current listings, check them out







All headbands are handmade in a smoke-free environment.
All should fit infant to teen, even adult. :)

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